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Glorious Goodwood

Glorious Goodwood has become a firm fixture in the gentleman’s social calendar and we are thrilled to embark upon a new relationship as the Official Style Partner of Goodwood Racecourse.

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One could suggest that nowadays Glorious Goodwood is the thinking man’s Royal Ascot, an altogether more sophisticated affair, but no less significant in the English sporting season. Thanks to the efforts of its patron Lord March, it has retained its position as a summer festival like no other, synonymous with British taste and style.

34 Item(s)

  1. 50/50 Check Tie
  2. 50/50 Check Tie
  3. Printed Foulard Mini Firefly Tie
  4. Printed Foulard Mini Firefly Tie
  5. Printed Foulard Mini Firefly Tie
  6. Printed Foulard Flamingo Tie
  7. Printed Foulard Flamingo Tie
  8. Skull & Crossbones Tie
  9. Skull & Crossbone Tie
  10. Skull & Crossbones Tie
  11. Skull & Crossbones Tie
  12. Skull & Crossbones Tie
  13. Printed Foulard Snaffle Tie
  14. Printed Foulard Snaffle Tie
  15. Printed Foulard Snaffle Tie
  16. Printed Foulard Snaffle Tie
  17. Printed Foulard Snaffle Tie
  18. Printed Foulard Snaffle Tie
  19. Printed Foulard Snaffle Tie
  20. Printed Foulard Snaffle Tie
  21. Printed Foulard Snaffle Tie
  22. Skull & Crossbones Pocket Square
  23. Skull & Crossbones Pocket Square
  24. Skull & Crossbones Pocket Square
  25. Skull & Crossbones Pocket Square
  26. Skull & Crossbones Pocket Square
  27. Skull & Crossbones Pocket Square
  28. Skull & Crossbones Pocket Square
  29. Skull & Crossbones Pocket Square
  30. Skull & Crossbones Pocket Square
  31. Full Paisley Silk Scarf
  32. Skull & Crossbone Tie - Navy/pink
  33. Skull & Crossbone Tie - Navy Orange
  34. Skull & Crossbone Tie - Burgundy/gold

34 Item(s)