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Exceptional Handmade Leather Shoes. Second to None.

The merits of dressing well are such that they will never diminish. New & Lingwood are an internationally renowned gentlemen's outfitters, supplying classically styled clothing and accessories for over a century to discerning clients the world over. Our handmade leather shoes and boots are produced by exceptionally skilled English and Italian craftsman, to the highest standards of quality and comfort.

Formal Shoes.

New & Lingwood formal shoes are made in England. Fully leather-lined, with leather insoles, each shoe is hand-stitched using a welted construction, which means that the upper is shaped over the last and secured by sewing a strip of leather or "welt" to the upper and inner sole. Attaching a leather sole to the welt then completes this process, which offers a unique opportunity to have the shoes repaired by replacing the sole, thereby greatly increasing the life of handmade leather shoes. If required, all of our chestnut coloured formal shoes can be darkened down to a cordovan colour.

Casual Shoes.

New & Lingwood casual shoes are made using the traditional techniques of the cordwainer’s craft. Moccasins and car shoes in grained calf or suede are hand-stitched at a rate of only three pairs per hour, to ensure that each piece is finished to the highest standards. Our desert boots use the softest but most durable suede, and our mountain boots in waxed leather are built for demanding performance in rugged countryside. We even carry a beautifully constructed leather and suede sneaker; an indispensable asset for any gentleman who counts himself as a follower of fashion.

Refined Footwear from New & Lingwood

A gentleman dresses from top to tail, and his footwear should never pale into insignificance next to the prestige of his tie or tailoring. Handmade leather shoes and boots from New & Lingwood pay homage to the classic forms of Old Eton and quintessential English style, in the suitability of both their form and function. Exercise your good taste by perusing all that we have to offer, and let only the fine quality of our formal and casual shoes inform your selection.

New & Lingwood. Second to None