Photo by Jamie Ferguson

At New & Lingwood, we pride ourselves on dressing all our customers correctly, comfortably and elegantly for the wedding season, no matter the dress code. From traditional morning dress to a warm weather service in the south of France, or a contemporary Black Tie affair, the Spring-Summer ‘19 collection is designed to have you looking present and correct on the big day.

Whether you’re the Groom, a guest or Best Man, wedding season is a rare opportunity to enjoy dressing to impress, and to wear something that truly reflects your personality. Our made-to-measure tailoring service is designed with you in mind. Whether a morning suit, dinner jacket or an elegant wedding suit, we offer an attentive personal service in each of our three stores.

Photo by Jamie Ferguson

Book your appointment, and you’ll be introduced to one of our made-to-measure specialists, who’ll guide you through the process of ordering your new garments. We’ll discuss your requirements for the suit, your likes and dislikes, and introduce you to the hundreds of luxury suiting cloths available to made-to-measure customers. We’ll then settle on the design of the suit; peak, notched or shawl lapels, straight or angled pockets, flaps or jets, one, two buttons to fasten the jacket, pleated or flat fronted trousers, double-breasted or with a waistcoat – the options to personalise your suit are near infinite. Finally, we’ll take your measurements, and dispatch the suit’s specs to our workshop. Six to eight weeks later, the suit will be ready for fitting.

That’s your suit taken care of, but the possibilities don’t have to end there. As a general rule, an understated lounge suit, morning coat, or classic dinner suit is a wise choice for formalwear, but thankfully no such rules apply to waistcoats. In fact, a striking silk or colourful linen waistcoat is the sharpest way to elevate your wedding suit this summer.

Photos by Jamie Ferguson

Enter our made-to-measure waistcoats, which are available to order in exclusive English woven silks. Visit us in store and we’ll fit you in the single-breasted or double-breasted model of your choice and take your measurements – as we would with a made-to-measure suit. You’ll be able to choose from a luxurious range of suitings, linens and silk jacquard cloths, for a design like no other.

Whether eggshell blue or pastel pink linen, black and silver houndstooth or decadent gold rococo silk, there’s nothing quite like our waistcoats come wedding season.

Photo by Jamie Ferguson

Keep reading to find out more about our made-to-measure service or book online for an appointment in our London, Eton or New York stores.