UPDATE - 14/5/20

We are proud to announce that you, our incredible customers have raised £3,500* for Age UK.

Thank you to each and every one of you that shopped with us during this time.

To find out how your money is helping click here

*Transparency alert! The donation has been calculated on gross profits from 9th-30th April, and has been rounded up to a slightly higher sum to reflect our belief in this great cause.

We like to think that times of great adversity can be the catalyst for equally great acts of kindness, creativity and generosity.

Over the past weeks, what has amazed us here at N&L is the way that countries, companies, friends and strangers have come together to fight Covid-19, wherever they are and in whatever way they can.

We’re inspired by how all industries have stepped forward to be counted at a time when businesses are naturally thinking about their own survival in challenging conditions. From re-purposing factories to produce hand sanitizer, to re-training teams to make masks, the world is awash with stories that help motivate us during long days in isolation.

For us, it is exactly the effects of isolation on the most vulnerable that we want to help tackle. To some older people in our society, isolation is not something limited to pandemic-induced lockdown, but sadly a part of everyday life. In this time of extended shielding, now more than ever, millions of people across the UK are in need of our help and support.

And so, as of now until the end of April, we are supporting Age UK, the UK’s leading charity for older people, by donating 10% of our profits to support their vital advice lines, friendship services and local centres in 130 communities throughout the UK.

We know that clothes may not be top of your list at the moment, but if you’ve been looking to treat yourself or someone you care for, then now is as good a time as any. Thank you for helping us help those most vulnerable in our society.

We also want to make sure our customers and partners know the best ways that they can directly support vulnerable older people in their own community.

1. Keep in touch

Phone your older relatives and friends and ask if they need anything. If they do, let them know you can help out. Now might also be the perfect time to introduce older relatives and friends to technology that might prove helpful, we like Skype, FaceTime, or Houseparty (for the adventurous). Age UK has also written a guide to video calling that you can access on their website.

2. Lend a hand

If you’re feeling well, why not offer to pick up shopping for an older neighbour or relative who might not be able to or is too worried to go to the shops? If you are helping someone who is self-isolating, make sure you leave the shopping on their front doorstep, knock on their door and step back while you ensure they safely receive it. Make sure you stand 2 metres away from them at all times.

3. Show you care

A postcard, a message or small gift goes a long way in keeping people’s spirits up. We’ve cracked into good old-fashioned letter writing and highly recommend it.

4. Share these numbers

It can be helpful to know who you can call, especially if someone’s feeling isolated.

For practical information and advice, call Age UK Advice: +44 (0)800 169 65 65

For a cheerful chat, day or night, call Silver Line: +44 (0)800 470 80 90

5. Donate directly

If you’d prefer to donate directly to the Age UK, you can do so here: DONATE

If you have any questions about our partnership with Age UK or about what else we’re doing to help combat Covid-19, please drop us a note at [email protected]

Stay safe.

- New & Lingwood team -

10% of all profits will go to Age UK from 9th – 30th April. Registered charity 1128267.