New & Lingwood, the world renowned English menswear brand, are thrilled to announce the opening of their permanent home in Manhattan!

Following the success of our recent pop-up store on Madison Avenue, our new store will open on May 4th, located at 970 Lexington Avenue, near the North West corner of 71st.

Established in 1865, on Eton High Street, a stone’s throw from Windsor Castle, New & Lingwood were originally outfitters to the pupils of England’s famous Eton College. They remain there to this day and continue to forge their strong links with the College and to provide some 140 sporting colours to its teams, houses and societies. It is this colourful association which continues to inspire their imaginative collections. Even their timeless skull and crossbones design is taken directly from the cap of an Eton House: Villiers, also established in 1865!

Photos by New & Lingwood

In 1921, the company opened a store in London’s Jermyn Street, the epicentre of fine shirt-making. Despite being bombed in the Blitz of WW2, they remain there to this day and, like a phoenix from the ashes, have risen and gone from strength to strength, with customers ranging from world leaders to politicians, actors, writers and film stars.

Their authentic and historic English credentials mean that they have become an integral part of many of the country’s long-established institutions: Goodwood Racecourse and the MCCC cricket club to name but two. The world of New & Lingwood is quite unique, and any visitor to London should venture there to explore the stylish, bold and some might say eccentric surroundings. Everything is executed with consummate good taste and elegance, catering equally for the sober businessman to the more flamboyant peacock with equal flair. But the beauty is that now they’ve brought their individual charm and taste to Manhattan.

Photos by New & Lingwood

You only have to see their exquisitely handmade, dressing gowns to appreciate the quality and exemplary nature of their craft. Each piece a limited edition, whose cloth is painstakingly woven in England by a small company dating from the Huguenot period. In addition to these heirloom pieces, they sell traditional semi-canvassed tailoring, made using the finest, English, Scottish, Irish and Italian cloth. This is supported further by a strong range of sports jackets and blazers which express the confident signature of their unique brand which are teamed with colourful moleskin and corduroy trousers, not forgetting their heritage, exquisitely made formal and casual shirts.

As in any genuine emporium, you can expect to see a myriad of colourful accessories in the finest, silk, wool and cashmere cloths, from hand-rolled pocket squares to scarves, suspenders and beautifully made ties, all of which make the perfect gifts for the sartorially discerning gentleman.

With exemplary service and personal home delivery, this really should be a store on your shopping list.

970 Lexington Avenue,
New York, NY 10021