Meet Nicholas, our Retail Director who heads up our iconic Jermyn Street store. We ask what he’s been watching, wearing, and his tips for staying stylish at home during lockdown.

What have you been watching this month?

A Netflix series called “Unorthodox” about a young woman struggling to leave an orthodox marriage in Williamsburg for an academic life in Berlin. And the amazing film “Genius”, a story of the life and literary relationship between Maxwell Perkins and the American poet Thomas Wolfe and the author’s desire to write “The Great American Novel.“

Which piece from the New & Lingwood collection will you be taking home this month? And how will you be wearing it?

The sublime Rose Single Breasted Jacket. So versatile that it could grace the subject in a Renoir painting or the sartorial needs of a rock god.

SS20_Rose Single-Breasted Jacket
Navy Butterfly Unlined Silk Dressing Gown

What are your three tips for staying stylish at home?

1. Wash! Cleanliness is next to stylishness.

2. This is the time to wear the smartest of poplin pyjama bottoms with the softest of round-neck cashmere jumpers. Half the battle is knowing you’re in lockdown so you might as well luxuriate shamelessly.

3. Be me.

What is helping you stay sane right now?

Sanity is almost, always overrated. Finding your inner “Snoop Dogg” while being held against your virtual will, will free your mind.

Are there any uplifting Instagram accounts that you are loving right now?

My favourite uplifting Instagram account is Stephen Fry’s. Informative, humorous, self-denigrating… what’s not to like... also he sent me a Christmas card once, so I feel honour-bound really.