We believe that a well-made dressing gown is one of life’s greatest pleasures.

Often the first and last garments we wear on any given day (sometimes the only one), the right dressing gown can transform our mood - warming, relaxing or inspiring us depending on what we require of it.

The dressing gown as we know it today was conceived in a bespoke world, individually handcrafted by trusted tailors from luxurious imported silks into comfortable and ever-so-slightly louche garments that marked their wearers as people of the world. For generations, New & Lingwood has maintained the many artisanal traditions involved in the making of dressing gowns entirely in England, from the weaving of incomparably rich silks to the delicate hand finishing of trim and tassel.

With our new online custom dressing gown service, for the first time, you can enjoy this pinnacle of loungewear tailoring wherever you are in the world, from the comfort of home.

In four easy-to-navigate steps, you can create your dream dressing gown by choosing a style, selecting a fabric from an extensive range of our iconic current and archive designs, confirming the lining, piping, and collar details, and customising the fit. Our expert stylists and designers will be available to advise and assist you at any point in the process if required.

Our customers are among the most creative people in the world and we are delighted to have this new opportunity to help realise new individual and personal visions for our unique British loungewear.

Because the available options allow for thousands of potential combinations, each dressing gown will be issued with its own certification number and card of authenticity to help tell its story for generations to come.

We invite you to start your own tradition today.

Start designing your dressing gown