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New & Lingwood: Away, from home

At New & Lingwood, we embrace the power that clothing has to enlarge our lives and transcend our reality through the simple choice of what we wear. After all - not for nothing did C.S. Lewis find Narnia through a wardrobe.

This spring will be a season to welcome back the brightness and lightness in our clothes. Pastel silk sweaters over airy linen trousers, comfortable terry cloth shirts under lightweight soft-constructed suits in relaxed cotton jersey and madras inspired linen. Fine cotton trousers to be worn crisply pressed or casually messed depending on the time of day. Bold dressing gowns over silky pyjamas with breakfast -- or paired with a well cut trouser in the afternoon. Rich velvet slippers and statement socks for jaunts around the house. It will be a season to elevate your loungewear and play with convention.

Renowned costume designer Edith Head once said, “you can have anything you want in life as long as you dress for it.” So, even though our movements may be limited for a short while longer, our minds are still free to wander -- and off we go.

Our latest campaign draws on our travels, the places we love and the books we read, dreaming up a tantalising future so close we can almost touch it.

Green & Gold Phoenix Unlined Silk Dressing Gown

Croissant in hand, silk on our backs, we find ourselves transported to the cobblestone streets of the South of France. Birds chirping, the low hum of the village coming to life, our greatest challenge of the morning is preparing for a vigorous game of Pétanque.

Throwing on our finest swimming trunks, we dust off our snorkel in anticipation of our trip to the coast. Breathing in the fresh salty air, we grab our flippers, and feel that first bracing plunge into the ocean.

Cream Single Pleat Linen Trousers
Teal Twill Polka Dot Unlined Silk Dressing Gown

As the sun descends from its peak, we drift away the sleepy afternoon in the remote English countryside, sinking into a novel, doing battle on the chess board, and finally finding time to relax.

SS21 Slippers

Pouring ourselves a much needed drink, we let the rhythmic beat of the double bass transport us to our favourite dimly lit New York cocktail bar. The clinking of glasses, a night out with friends, we take a sip and smile thinking of all that is to come.

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