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Embracing the Coastal Life

A high summer well-spent is one that embraces the lessons costal life teaches us — to slow down, to be more mindful of our surroundings and to take a long view towards the future, seeking out experiences and objects with meaning that withstand the test of time. This summer we invite you to embrace this philosophy, with clothes crafted to last not just a season, but years and even decades beyond that, focusing on quality, consideration and artisanry rather than speed and disposability.

Approaching our High Summer collection, we turned to the British coast for inspiration. Our Creative Director, Tom Leeper, spent seven years living near the Suffolk coast and for him the sight of the land rolling down to meet the waves, the endless yellow fields and weathered coastal scenery holds a special significance.

“Suffolk isn't a place you just pass through on the way to somewhere else,” said Tom. “If you’re going to that part of the country, it’s because there’s something there you’re looking for. For me, it’s a place that offers a lifestyle I find incredibly attractive, where I can slow down, go for long walks on the beach and focus my thoughts.”

Taking Cues from the Painters

When approaching the collection, we took inspiration from the colours of England’s coast, while also drawing influence from older landscape painters such as JWM Turner and Thomas Gainsborough, as well as contemporary artists like David Hockney.

The aim was to embrace the vibrant colours of summer, but through the restrained, selective approach of a painter curating a meticulous palette. Present here are blues in all the shades and moods of the ocean, complimented with pinks and reds harkening both to the setting sun as well as the famous Suffolk Pink that covers so many buildings in the area. To round out this this colour palette, we’ve then selected earthy greens and yellows of the coast’s fields, heather and beaches.

As another reference to summer coastal style, we’ve incorporated into some of our collection’s pieces vertical and horizontal stripe patterns to call back to the iconic beach chairs that in the summer pepper the shore.

Materials to Weather Countless Seasons

Suffolk is a place where you see the fingerprints of craftspeople and tradespeople woven into the fabric of daily life. Things there are built to weather not only years of changing seasons and coastal winds, but generations. It’s a region with a rich heritage of multi-generational fishing, farming and other traditions that lend to the land a sense of respect for craft and materials that stand the test of time.

We wanted to channel this same ethos to the collection, bringing great intentionality to selecting the fabrics we make our clothing with, prioritising quality and heritage. Linens and seersuckers are at the forefront, backed by a selection of light, breathable cotton and wool blends.

Linen shirts sit at the heart of the collection, offering a strong foundation of colours on which to build striking summer outfits. This linen is then carried over into a series of lightweight trousers, a safari jacket, a hand-crafted Aran Crew Neck Jumper from the Inis Meain Knitting Company, and a stunning Slub Linen Dinner Jacket, with a shawl lapel and relaxed fit that styles perfectly for lazy summer evenings.

Seersucker’s heritage as a staple of luxurious hot weather dressing makes it a logical addition to the collection. Sourced from one of Italy’s finest mills, our seersucker clothes take the fabric’s incredible breathability and apply it to our navy and pink striped dressing gowns, suiting and a Green Stripe Carpenter Jacket designed to pair with matching trousers and a cold drink on the beach.

Pack Your Bags

Suffolk greets those arriving from the city with bird calls, the wind in the fields and the distant crash of the waves conjures a powerful feeling of calm and peacefulness. After extended time immersed in the bustle of London, the change can be jarring at first. This is a place for escape from the rush of city life but also a place for retreat into contemplation, to immerse yourself in a slower way of life than many of us are used to and spend quality time with those important to us.

Explore New & Lingwood's new High Summer Collection and the calm coastal lifestyle of Suffolk.

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