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Sock Gift Boxes

A curated selection of English made socks.

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Our men's socks have been an instrumental part of who we are as an outfitter for over 150 years. We have been tailoring Eton schoolboys in their prestigious uniform and developing their range of over 144 sporting and collegiate colours and in the process, we too have developed our penchant for socks. Our exclusive design socks come in a myriad of colours that add a flash of sartorial elegance to any outfit.

Our socks are woven from the finest cotton, wool or cashmere, sourced from our loyal, expert weavers, keeping your feet in sumptuous style and comfort.

We have a few infamous designs that feature across our collections, none more so than the skull and crossbones socks, a jovial yet stylish reminder of youth, history and loyalty. This design was appropriated by New & Lingwood after our inception in 1865 as testament to Villiers House at Eton College, who cemented their house colours of a black skull and crossbones on a strong red base. This motif was further used by the 17th to 21st Lances, who historically employed many Old Etonians further connecting New & Lingwood with both Eton and the military, both valued connections that continue to the present day.